Serpple v4.0 Released !

1. Content Audit [ Brand New Module ]
Introducing a cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind module that optimizes your website content for SEO, aligning with the globally accepted top 20 checklist. With this powerful tool, you can easily conduct page audits, receive detailed scores, and implement tailored suggestions to enhance your SEO performance. Elevate your website's ranking on SERPs by improving your score and reaching the top with confidence!
2. Connect Google Search Console [ New Module ]
Supercharge your Serpple insights for your new SEO strategies by seamlessly connecting your Google Search Console (GSC). Once connected, you'll gain access to valuable data, including clicks and impressions from Organic Search Results for all your keywords over the last 30 days. But that's not all – you can also monitor the Google index status of all your pages periodically and make informed decisions based on the detailed reports. Take your SEO game to the next level with this powerful integration!
3. Whitelable your Email Reports [ New Module ]
You can now schedule customized emails for your clients, complete with your own brand logo and unique content. Tailor your emails according to each project's requirements and upload your logo effortlessly, either for individual projects or all at once. Enhance your professional value and establish stronger client connections with this fantastic feature!
4. Organice your Widgets [ Enhancement ] 
Serpple's one-of-a-kind widgets are now fully customizable with a simple drag and drop functionality. Arrange your favorite widgets exactly as you like, in the order that suits you best, and this can be done for every project individually. Once you've set up your preferred view, it will be saved permanently until you decide to rearrange them again. Enjoy a personalized and streamlined experience with our enhanced widget flexibility!
5. Improved Competitor AI [ Enhancement ] 
The beloved Competitor AI, highly praised by all Serpple customers, has now been supercharged for even greater performance. Its capabilities have been enhanced to swiftly and accurately pull out data, delivering results with unmatched speed and precision. Experience the true power of our upgraded Competitor AI and take your SEO insights to new heights!