Fixes done in the latest build v3.1.1

[Fixed] Serpple score value mismatch issue.
[Fixed] Subscription invoice table data loading issue.
[Fixed] Exact domain problem on adding new keywords.
[Fixed] Register page designation drop-down issue.
[Fixed] Scheduled report frequency drop-down issue.
[Fixed] New feature notification dot colour changed from purple to red.
[Fixed] Account tracker issue not detected for normal email logged user. So, updated in the all projects section.
[Fixed] Competitor widget activity tool-tip content updated especially for "Not Available" scenario.
7 days ago

What is new with Serpple v3.1?

[Added] Competitor AI Module
 (Analysis your competitor with top and low matches)
 (Add and manage uniquely curated competitors to your list)
 (Start tracking your competitor every day instantly at every refresh)
 (Serpple score, SERP features, Daily Rank comparison, Snippet Comparison, Graphical Rank Comparison)
 (For Non matched keywords, competitor will be detected and updated to each project)
[Added] Introduce Competitor Usage Limit at All Project Section.
[Added] Competitor Widget
[Added] Engine Competitor Module (Analysis and Tracking)
[Updated] Redeem Stackable Option and Issues
[Fixed] Improvements in the keywords table
[Fixed] Improved UI fixes
[Fixed] Bugs fixes and other improvements

Competitor module just got released !

Sneak Peeks
20 days ago

Serpple Competitors found by Competitor AI

We assume we know all our competitors, but it might be wrong.  No one knows how much competitor jumps in to Google SERP everyday. Look at our Serpple Competitor List found by Serpple Competitor AI.
Serpple Competitors
Sneak Peeks
28 days ago

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Competitor Module !

Competitors are not the one you know by looking at few of your keywords search result pages. There must be more competitors when you compare all your keywords results. That's were our Serpple Competitor AI will help you to identify all your competitors! Everyday comparison of your competitor will be an essential step up on your Organic SEO Growth.! 
Competitor Module Sneak Peak !

Serpple V3.0 has been released !!

A Brand New Landing Page on it's way !