Serpple Version:

> [Fixed] Google login oAuth issue 

Serpple Version: (Fixes)

> [Fixed] Competitor module bug improvements on project limitations (after client suggestions).
> [Fixed] Competitor alerts and warnings improvements (after client suggestions).
> [Fixed] Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Serpple Version: 3.1.2

> [Fixed] Email TLD restrict has resolved.
> [Fixed] Tag name problem solved (contains vs exact).
> [Fixed] Competitor title changes has updated on the overview section.

Fixes done in the latest build v3.1.1

[Fixed] Serpple score value mismatch issue.
[Fixed] Subscription invoice table data loading issue.
[Fixed] Exact domain problem on adding new keywords.
[Fixed] Register page designation drop-down issue.
[Fixed] Scheduled report frequency drop-down issue.
[Fixed] New feature notification dot colour changed from purple to red.
[Fixed] Account tracker issue not detected for normal email logged user. So, updated in the all projects section.
[Fixed] Competitor widget activity tool-tip content updated especially for "Not Available" scenario.